E2: Crystal Maheen – Listening. Traveling. Growing.


Originally recorded in “The Galley” (my kitchen) in San Jose, CA, Crystal is a good friend and grew into management at a young age. At this recording from back in May of 2019, she was a program director for a non-profit for people in need of resources.

Any team is not a real team unless they’ve been through something together

~ Crystal Shafiabady

I like this story because of her diverse cultural background and how she places high-value on travel which has served her well and enhanced her management skills.

Some beliefs she operates behind are:
  • Everyone shares the failures as a team and are driven to learn from them.
  • Empower people to manage their work so that others can take over for the end goal of personal time when needed.

As you’ll hear – listening and understanding are key mindsets that have helped her grow and continues as a force, today.

Show Notes

  • 01:05:09 Crystal loves to dance. You might say it’s in many forms: from a simple, midwest life to extensive and exotic travel; from the low pitfalls of her ego to continuous self-discovery; and in the literal form of weekly, local Latin dancing to the streets of the Dominican Republic. 

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