E3: Fiona Naughton – Scoring points without a backboard

Outside of work, Fiona is lively character and always keeps you on your toes with her dry-humor lashing out quips as much as leaders in the free world Tweet or say the word “tremendous!”. And, as mentioned in the podcast, there is only one Fiona – you’ll get the same person at work as you do outside of work (with exception of not typically wearing floppy hats at work).

In my experience with her, she has tremendous insight into consumer behaviour and is a holistic and strategic thinker.

She knows brand and go-to-market like Snoop Dogg knows the chronic. You’ll want her on your side and if you’re the captain of a dodge ball team, you would hope to have first pick, to be sure you get her. She’s a loyal and generous friend and with colleagues, and equally generous with her knowledge and time, when anyone is in need. She also will never shove in your face her credentials of her Masters in Economics at University of Cambridge or her 30 years of learnings, which are applicable to most any industry.


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