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Rabbit Hole Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Pedro Ximénez, is a name I liken to a character who would have served well in all wars up to the 1980’s, as an immigrant from Spain who, while in this country, set land speed records in the desserts of Nevada and had several brushes with death, including Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Artic hot air balloon quests. But alas, he is not a person but a region in Spain where the exquisite PX Sherry grapes are grown. And those same casks from the sought-after Sherry are used to finish off the Rabbit Hole whiskey.

Rating – “Papa Pimp”

The personification of this rating is best related to our good friend, and Wedding Hype Man (yes, we invented this), PJ “Papa Pimp” Jaramillo. He is adjunct to many circles and also referred to as “Squirrel”, “Pipeline”, “Uncle PeeJay”.

With PJ, you might go into a rabbit hole while talking to him, and you’ll have to get used to his mouth-full-of-marbles dialog and also laughs profusely while taking. But in the end, he’s a true friend that will stand by you in loyalty like one of his dogs; his Chocolate Lab Olive or Finnegan his rescue mix. Like this bourbon whiskey.
People participate in ratings to be sure they are heard. Accepting a rating is to hope they are from people like them. ~ Capt’n Mo Grog
So ratings-schmatings. But knowing your rater is far more important. For example, when The Breakfast Club came out, my older sister said, “Don’t go. It’s stupid. There’s just a bunch of kids sitting around talking in a room.” Then I knew right away I needed to see it, knowing who my sister was. So if you find you align to my choices great – I wish you the best experience you could benefit from. On the contrary, if you don’t care for my choices, just chalk it up to another bourbon that you offer your least-liked guest. But I will tell you that this Rabbit Hole, is one of those bourbons that is a nice sipper and great for cocktail and party socializing when the smoothness brings you in to deeper conversations. Sooner than expected, you will find yourself peering into the bottom of your glass, surprisingly disappointed that the experience ended. To make a break for the next pour, you look right into the eyes of the person you’re in conversation with and say, “That was really nice.” They probably think you’re talking about the conversation you’re in, and you may be as well. But you’re talking about the glass of Rabbit Hole you just had and are about to have another.


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